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The cost of cement

Iran Newspaper: Since a few days ago, when the discussion of power cut and rationing of cement units was raised, some people said that the price of cement in the 13th government, like the 12th government, reaches 100 thousand tomans. And this again affects the price of other goods. But in recent days, the activists of this trade union emphasized that what happened last year and in the twelfth government will not be repeated in this government.

The cement rose again

The fluctuation of the construction materials market after the power cut has occurred in the same conditions as last year. In recent days, Abdolreza Sheikhan, the secretary of the Cement Association, had warned that the price of cement would increase in case of a 50% electricity restriction for cement units, and apparently The same thing has happened.

The price of cement, which was less than 50 thousand tomans per bag until a few days ago, has reached about 65 thousand tomans according to field reports, although due to the disorder in the market, it has been heard that in some areas the prices have reached 90 thousand tomans. Is.

Builders: Power outage is an excuse to be expensive

Housing builders, who sometimes criticize steel and cement producers, claim that these companies use power outages as an excuse to increase prices. They aim to increase the price and there is no monitoring of their performance.

He stated that the high cost of construction materials causes disturbances in the housing market and added: When the wind rises, cement and steel become more expensive, and when the wind stops, they become more expensive again. Power outage is an excuse, otherwise we know that some manufacturers of construction materials increased their production capacity to 40% a few days before restrictions were imposed.

Expensive route

Each packet of factory door cement is 45 thousand tomans. 9% value added tax to this number. Shipping costs. Intermediaries profit. Workers etc. are also added. Construction inputs are included in the game of speculation and stock market, and there are abuses of this process.

Cement market in the possession of 30 people?

Criticisms of builders to the market of construction materials are raised in certain circumstances. Last year, the head of the cement industry producers' association spoke about the existence of 30 middlemen who have destroyed consumers and producers. According to Jamaranian, these people have been controlling the cement market for more than 15 years.

At the same time, cement producers have arguments for the fluctuations of this market. Abdolreza Sheikhan - Secretary of the cement industry employers' union. A few days ago, he said: 50% of the amount of megawatts of electricity used by cement factories last year will be allocated this year. This issue will cause our factories to not be able to continue their production. And their clinker production, which requires electricity for furnace operation, will be stopped. If the electricity required for clinker production is not provided, production will definitely stop.


With the sleep of production, the reduction of production in the country will be serious. This issue will be the biggest cause of price increase in the free market. As a manufacturer, we offer our products through the commodity exchange. And it will not affect us. And it will not generate additional income for us. But it causes inflammation in the free market.

In these circumstances

Despite these conditions, the disorder of the construction materials market can affect the housing sector as a driving field. Currently, the government has put the four million unit project of the National Housing Movement on its agenda, which is already suffering from the high cost of construction inputs. , will have adverse effects on the cost price of the units. The burden falls on the applicants.

Source: Khabar Online
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