Introducing the laboratory and quality control unit of nano beton amin Group

Member of Presidential Strategic Technologies Laboratory Network

The only standard hacker laboratory  Durability of concrete in the country


This laboratory has the possibility of performing tests to determine the properties of fresh concrete, such as the efficiency, density, and air content of fresh concrete, and to determine the mechanical properties of hardened concrete, such as compressive, tensile, bending, and modulus of elasticity.

This laboratory has the possibility of providing concrete quality control services such as concrete sampling during concreting in projects and conducting fresh and hardened concrete tests and providing reports. Among other services that can be provided by the laboratory to the industry, the following can be mentioned:

It is possible to carry out the mixture design and determine the properties of conventional concrete and special concrete such as roller, high-strength, self-compacting, fiber concrete, etc. in the laboratory.

Semi-destructive and non-destructive evaluation is established to determine the properties of concrete in structures using coring equipment and Schmidt hammer.

It is possible to evaluate the durability properties of concrete samples under aggressive environmental conditions such as chloride environments with tests such as RCPT and RCMT, concrete electrical resistance, permeability, etc., as well as evaluating the durability of concrete in structures.

Due to the expertise and experience of the personnel, this laboratory is ready to carry out research projects required by various government and private sectors in the field of concrete technology.


Devices :

Concrete loading devices for testing the compressive strength of concrete with a capacity of 200 tons

The device for determining the tensile strength of concrete

Devices for determining tensile and bending strength of mortar

Humidity room

Hardened concrete coring machine

Schmidt hammer machine

Complete series of sieves according to Iran and ASTM standards

Device for determining the resistance of concrete against the accelerated penetration of chloride ion RCPT

Apparatus for determining the shrinkage of mortar and concrete samples

Device for determining the special level of cement

Mortar psychometric determination device

Concrete efficiency determination device by slump method

Mortar mixing machine

Concrete mixer

Concrete air measuring device

Vibrating table for concrete compaction

Los Angeles device

Concrete processing ponds

Standard concrete sampling templates

(Capping) concrete

SE test equipment (equivalent to sand)

Concrete thermometer

Sand dividing equipment

Vicat device

Types of scales. warm house Vacuum device

Vacuum device

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