Introduction of nano beton amin

nano beton amin

Managing Director of nano beton amin Company
Mr. Engineer Majid Basirnia

nano beton amin Company was established in 1999 with registration number 2157 and then succeeded in obtaining the standard mark in the field of ready-mixed concrete production and ISO 9001 quality management system. In 2015, he designed and built new machines and production lines to benefit from the technology of manufacturing and producing high quality products in accordance with the current standards of the world.

The mission of nano beton amin Company is to prevent wastage on the resources and facilities of the country and provide the benefits of consumers. This company is one of the first ready-mixed concrete production lines in the country, which records and maintains all the physical, chemical, and material specifications for the production of concrete in order to analyze the technical specifications of the concrete in the stages.

be used differently. With an experienced staff in the field of production of ready-mixed concrete and concrete products, nano beton amin Company has a high potential for growth in this field and its related issues and is always trying to achieve a better production because with the knowledge of concrete production and products It can provide conditions that lead to the implementation of the structure with more confidence.

With more than 90 machines, mixers and rigs