nano beton amin Hall of Fame


Part of the 23-year achievements of nano beton amin company

✓National National Cooperative ✓National Entrepreneur

✓ The first knowledge-based cooperative in the field of ready-mixed concrete production in the country

✓ The first partner laboratory of the standard department in the country in the field of concrete durability

✓ Cooperation with universities and supervision of more than 70 master thesis titles in the field of concrete technology

✓ The first rank of the national entrepreneur of the industry sector

✓ Recipient of the first technical certificate of the Road and Urban Development Research Center

✓ Four courses of the best entrepreneurs of the province

✓ The six best cooperative courses in the province ✓ The first hpc concrete producer up to C50 strength class in Qom province ✓ Standard sample unit

✓ Standard sample unit in the field of stone materials production

✓ The holder of the highest position in the production of special concretes in the country

✓ Holder of research and development certificate

✓ Patent for washing materials with wind system

✓ The recipient of the first license to establish a knowledge-based project of artificial pozzolan in the country ✓ The first manufacturer of scc (self-compacting) concrete on an industrial scale and mass production in Qom province

✓ The first producer of hpc and scc concretes in the production of concrete pigments in the country

✓ The first standard unit in the field of concrete additive production in Qom province

Part of the latest achievements of Amin Nano Beton Knowledge Base Company:

Production of carboxylate (used in concrete, tile and ceramic industry, plaster industries) by cold method and replacing foreign raw materials by 30% and planning to internalize up to 50% ❖ Production of carboxylate powder (for the first time in the Middle East, which until Until now, 100% of the demand has been imported, which has wide technical advantages. In addition to the above uses, it is used in the production of ready-to-build mortar, which has been supplied from abroad.

Production of standard ready-mixed concrete (according to the national housing leap plan), the executive arm of the 13th government ❖ Production of standard granulated sand ❖ Laboratory production of flocculant (coagulant) which is used in water treatment industries (100% imported) ❖ Production Super absorbent laboratory, used in baby diapers, agricultural industries, etc.) is 100% imported. ❖ All kinds of industrial resins ❖ Fire resistant resin production