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Sales Office

The sales department of nano beton amin Company consists of the best experts and specialists in the field of sales and construction industry, and they are trying to respond to the needs of our respected customers in the best way.



This laboratory has the possibility of performing tests to determine the properties of fresh concrete, such as the efficiency, density, and air content of fresh concrete, and to determine the mechanical properties of hardened concrete, such as compressive and tensile strength.



nano beton amin Company is one of the largest companies in the production of standard concrete in Iran. Development . and innovation in concrete products. It is the production department of materials and additives and providing engineering services.



The transportation or machinery unit is one of the main arms of Nano Concrete Company, which has professional and experienced drivers and repairmen, and aims to increase efficiency and provide the best service to our dear customers.



In this section, you can see some of the resumes and projects that we have completed recently and with pride. This is one of the projects done by nano beton amin Company.



Batching is actually a mobile concrete production line. A concrete production line has different parts such as water storage source, material storage source, scale, conveyor, wheel, bucket, silo and mixer, and it has different types.

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